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Looking after the Braking System on Your Big Rig

If you make your living by transporting goods over a long distance from one point to another, you know that this is all a numbers game. The more things you can deliver, the higher the yield per individual journey, and the more money you will earn. You may have been expanding in recent years and are now ready to move up to a much larger vehicle with more room on board.

However, as the size of your transportation grows, so does the need for high-level maintenance. For example, you should keep a particularly close eye on your braking system from now on. Why?

Maintaining Watch

This type of rig has a very complicated braking system due to its size and mass. The system has to be configured correctly, with a particular emphasis on timing and balance.

For example, the braking effort has to be equally split towards each wheel, so you can bring such a large vehicle to a safe stop. This requires a delicate balancing act if you are to avoid the vehicle pulling to one side or the other when you're trying to slow down. You need to keep a close eye on the brake actuator and the efficiency of each hose, while buying the right type of lining material to place within each drum.

Crucial Timing Cadence

The timing has to be perfect if the vehicle is going to be classified as safe, and you need to ensure that the brakes activate at the rear first and gradually move towards the front. This sequence is intended to promote stability and will help avoid an excessive load being placed on one axle at a time.

If the brakes were to apply on the tractor before the trailer then you could lose control quite easily, as the weight within the trailer would come to bear on the towing vehicle. On the other hand, if the brakes on the trailer were to activate and remain in place due to poor maintenance, this could cause the driver to lose control.

Valves, Pipes and Chambers

There are a number of different valves set within your braking system, and each one of them has to be in first-class condition. You must also ensure that the pipes are well maintained and able to flex safely within a controlled environment, so that the air chamber can be evacuated whenever needed during a braking operation.

Making Calculations Carefully

You need a very competent mechanic to work on a driving rig of this size and must ensure that the vehicle is serviced regularly as soon as you implement your new schedule. It's equally as important for you to source high-quality parts at all times and you should never take any shortcuts here to try and save money on your budget. So if, for example, you have an Isuzu truck, make sure you work with mechanics who know Isuzu truck parts specifically.

Remember, your yield calculations will count for nothing if the vehicle is off the road due to an unexpected breakdown.

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