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Signs it is time to replace your car battery

The question on when to replace a car battery is ubiquitous among car owners. A car is a complex machine with many interconnected parts; hence, car problems are inevitable. Battery issues are common, and the question on when to replace your battery is different for every car depending on driving habits. Signs that indicate it is time to replace your car battery include the following:

Problems with starting your car

The components inside a battery experience wear over time. As this happens, the engine becomes slow to ignite. When you start the car, you may notice that the car revs at a slow speed. This is an indication it is not getting the charge it needs from the battery. If you jump-start the car and notice the problem persisting, then it could be an indication that the alternator is faulty. Jump-starting the car may work a few times, but it is a temporary fix.

The Check Engine light is on

The Check Engine light could be an indicator of a problem with your vehicle, one being that your battery is failing. You may also notice that the dashboard lights and battery lights are on indicating you need to check your battery. If you notice that the light is on, have your battery tested to ascertain whether it is working properly. Having a professional perform a diagnostic check will determine whether the battery is the problem or components such as the alternator are causing the problem.

Electrical issues

The battery powers a car's electrical powered components such as radio, seats and lights. If you notice issues such as dim headlights and dim interior lights, then it could be that the battery is not supplying adequate power. When you start your car and notice that the A/C or radio will not turn on, then it is an indication of a dying battery. As these problems persist, the reserve current will decrease until you will not be able to start your car.

Bad smell

A rotten-egg smell from your engine is an indication that your battery is faulty. The battery may be damaged, causing it to leak gas. A battery leaking gas requires immediate replacement as this issue can affect the functioning of other engine components. Note that a damaged battery leaks sulfuric acid that corrodes the engine. In addition, leaking of sulfuric acid may cause the battery to overheat, producing the rotten-egg smell and even smoke.

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Signs it is time to replace your car battery

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