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3 Ways to Utilise Your Spare Car Batteries

Since the turn of the 20th century and the widespread popularity of the automobile, cars have gone through many significant changes. Perhaps the biggest of these was the introduction and refinement of the car battery, which has since allowed cars to become easier to control, more comfortable and consistently reliable. However, car batteries can also be used for other things that utilise their AC electrical output, and, since many families own a spare battery or two, finding fun new projects that use a car battery can be a great way to spend time together and teach your kids a little mechanical engineering. 

Toy Robot

Miniature robots have had a surge in popularity since the creation of the show BattleBots, which features a variety of differently designed robots fighting in a ring. While your robot's aim shouldn't be to cause damage, there is no reason why you cannot find inspiration from the show. The most important part of these robots is always the car battery they utilise, as it is the source of the power. You can teach your kids just how strong the power in your family car really is by safely showing them how to harness it in the form of a small robot. Remember to always supervise your kids when working on the robot and ensure it is locked away safely when you are not watching them.

Camping Lights

Camping enthusiasts are always finding new ways to utilise every little thing they can while out in nature, and car batteries are no exception. There are many lights that you can find at camping and speciality stores that require a constant stream of power. All you have to do is find one that has the same requirements as your spare car battery's output and you are good to go. There is very little set-up required after that, and it gives you a very long source of light, which can be hard to come by when camping. You can also try using your car battery to power other accessories when camping, including radios, portable air conditioners and even laptop chargers. 


Australia is a huge country with long, lonely roads between the big coastal cities. This means that if you break down for any reason it can often be at least a few hours, if not days, before someone comes along the same road. If you are planning a road trip and have spare car batteries, then bringing one along just in case is a must. While it might seem obvious, many people keep their spare batteries in their garage because they assume they will be able to jump-start their batter when help arrives. Sometimes, however, car batteries are unable to be jump-started because they have bigger problems than just being depleted of energy. If that happens to you, your car could be stuck out in the outback for days before any mechanic can get to it, and this can cause more than just headaches for your travel plans. Remember, when going on a road trip you simply must store your spare car battery in the car to ensure you have some level of safety net in the outback.

Find a car parts retailer near you to get extra car batteries for these uses today.

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3 Ways to Utilise Your Spare Car Batteries

Since the turn of the 20th century and the widespread popularity of the automobile, cars have gone through many sig…

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